Chuck Cobb was a fighter in the school and street for 25 years, with a variety of martial arts training, before he met the Prince of Peace. He was soon led to a Christian martial arts program where he earned his third degree black belt. To Know a Warrior is not about Chuck Cobb. The brief biography presented on this web page provides some insight on his motivation for writing the book.

Chuck was raised on the edge of a major, metropolitan city in a superficially Christian home typical of many homes across America. He began to fight at an early age like most boys, for various reasons, and grew to experience the forces of the world that battle to influence each one of us. Chuck was thirty years old when he listened to the Good News and allowed Jesus Christ to become the Master of his life. With a new understanding of a Christian world view, the spiritual encounters, good and bad, of his early years began to make sense. Politics, sociology, science and philosophy began to take on deeper meanings.


Chuck developed an interest in apologetics, which is the defense of Christianity against critics, heresy, cults, and other religious teachings. Through study, he came to understand that one’s inner identity combined with their God-given gifts and calling are what makes each person unique. There is a Biblical character named Abraham, in whose children God writes identity and purpose on their descendants. Within his legacy are the keys to crossing all racial, social, economic, political and religious boundaries into a common relationship with other people as spiritual children of God, yet as distinctly different as a man is from a woman. Understanding these truths give meaning and purpose and value to each person’s life and liberty to live in peace. For example, consider the conscientious objector: He can object to fighting because he is a pacifist, not a warrior; however, he cannot object to being called to fight because he is a Christian. Fortunately, there are uncounted numbers who understand the warrior’s call on their life, and like Sergeant York of World War I, step up to the duty to God and nation to fight the good fight, physical or spiritual. Chuck’s prayer is that those who have heard God’s warrior call on their life will be edified by this book and that the Church will find an effective tool to minister to these multitudes.

On April 25, 1999, Chuck coincidently landed in Denver, Colorado on a business trip, barely five days after the Columbine High School massacre. A dark cloud hung over the city. Moved by the spontaneous memorial, Chuck, like so many others, searched his own soul to try to understand what could drive someone to such desperate violence. Committed to find a way to reach the invaluable young people with the message he didn’t listen to as a teenager, and help teach them to fight back against the battles that rage in the world today, Chuck stayed involved with the church-based, Christian taekwondo class he had previously joined. To Know a Warrior is the fruit of seventeen years with that ministry.

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“I really like your book and would recommend it to anyone!” -DP